Carefully selected to avoid falling into kitchen faucet error zone



Carefully selected to avoid falling into kitchen faucet error zone

Little faucets, seemingly insignificant, how much loss of quality problems give to consumers? Lead has intangible harm, why should we worry very poor quality risks? Do not understand the deep sorrow, hate inform. Small faucet which looks in-available, seemingly insignificant, in which knowledge is very large. So, for the purchase and use of faucets do you understand?

Many consumers feel that faucet is easy to save water, but in fact is not only less water faucet, high prices, and higher maintenance costs. Faucet general public places, offices and agencies and other units have to install and use. But for home use sensor taps, practicality is not high, but maintenance is time-consuming.

High-end kitchen faucets

Tips 1: Not only to save water faucet, manual faucets also save water and energy in order to avoid. Manual faucet long not only life, but also easy to maintain, relatively speaking, the cost will be higher. If you think the switch troublesome friends, you can choose to install push taps, so convenient without turning, while maintaining the timing without water saving effect, the price is relatively cheap, cost-effective.

Water-saving kitchen faucet flow standard, the amount of traffic too small is not conducive to water conservation. Many people will have such a misunderstanding, that the flow of small taps, more water conservation. Multiplied by the amount of water equal to the flow of water time, the flow of water is too small will prolong the time, would not achieve the water-saving effect. Sometimes the faucet flow is too small, there may be a problem faucet valves, or slag, blockage, should be cleaned or replaced, therefore, do not think less traffic better.

Tips 2: It is recommended to pay attention to the faucet clean, timely cleaning replace the faucet valves and filters, so you can maintain a clean and sanitary water, thereby protecting human health. Water is the source of life, so health problems relating to water, not negligence, faucet health is the foundation. Clean, bright appearance, does not mean that internal cleansing.

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